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Good girls who do leaps get black dick like that! No competition this little twinkle toes is GROUNDED. “Flutter Jody, FLUTTER!” I hear he’s been fucked by every Alvin Ailey dancer the ‘claims’ he’s a top…… all 5 of them.

Ok Cupid: I Heart Redheads!

hi I’m new to the site but I don’t know what the norm conversation is I’ve been sexually graphically grilled so I assume that okay please confirm with me. your red hair beard and height excites me puts me on edge, u look like the Red Head first had sex with. 
I have a big thick fat dick and huge mushroom head 8 inches + so I’ve been told I don’t care what dick size you are I only shoot big loads redheads. I’m versatile top and bottom I like topping guys while there lying on their stomach long legs and standing,on there hands and knees and riding me I only get full penetration with tall men I like to ride if they’re not too big figure skate mountain bike so I’m tight.I like 69ing that’s both BJ at the same time while deep throating hand twist suck jerking. what do you like? what’s your dick like straight curved? I live in luxury building easy to get to for fun friends quickie ltr or nsa 10 to 30 minute quickies or just handjobs or jerking off. I’m out of town next week text me for time I work at home till 8 p.m. Every night. you’re gorgeous hot

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